Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i can't wait!

yes, less than 1month. but still do enjoy my last few days in Dublin. Even banyak kerja, tp excited nak jumpa org2 tersayang di Malaysia, buatkan jd bsemangat and cpt2 nak siapkan kerja.

wish me luck!

Monday, November 15, 2010

she was born on 27Oct.

Another baby girl was born in Dublin. Belongs to Kak Qida and Izwan. Sofia Zahrah is their 2nd child after Abg Afiq.

Sofia sihat sgt2, pipi chubby, sampai xnampak leher.hihi. Anyway, she was born on 27Oct, a day after my birthday!

Next year, InsyaAllah another 3 babies will be born in Dublin!

hey baby girl!

Tahniah to Mama Yana and Papa Syah for the new born! Nur Iman Damia sgt comel! Thn dpn, aunty and uncle tambahkan kwn Damia ok. InsyaAllah.

ps/I think I've put on weight this week after my body been switched off for almost 2months. Alhamdulillah, back to normal!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30days and counting!

today is 9 nov. another 30 days is going to be 9 dec!

uol tahu ke apa akan jadi on 9dec?
atok nenek makcik pakcik tunggu cucu pulang!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

visiting Prague

Few pic from our babymoon in Prague.
not really a vacation for me, this time was really unusual, sebab slalu kalau pg bjalan sakan bergambar, but since my body system was haru biru, most of the time i just nak makan-makan-makan. I just want to eat Fillet-o-fish ok. pg mana2, msti kna cari huruf 'M' dulu. if not i was refuse to bergambar/jalan. So the total Fillet i makan masa kat Prague was '10 within 3days'.

We spent about 3d/2n at Prague, was a beautiful place tapi xkena musim, amatlah sejok!rasanya Dublin dah start menyejuk, tp Prague lg ganda2 sejok. tgkla gambar tu bungkos top to toe.

I sempat visit the Havel Market, suka! org Prague sgt suka handcraft, most of them were utterly cute and colorful! One of the cute souvenir I have from Prague is this!

*Realized that haven't update the story from Barcelona and Madrid. will do!

Monday, November 1, 2010

a quick update after it's been ages I...

A big Hello!!!!!
Salam to readers,

I would like to apologize, since it's been a while I didn't update the blog. I was busy with

1)Absolutely, as semua tahu, Im currently struggling with my PhD, ada lagi sebulan before I nak balik bercuti ke Malaysia, so there are tons of works+report+thesis that I have to work on, bnyk due date poninggggg! but Im lucky to have Adi by myside, so seems like everything turns out smoothly, and dimudahkan. Alhamdulillah.

2)Kerja sgt bnyk, but then my body system just shutting down! It's about the news that I've mentioned in the last update. Will make it clear later, since I'm still not sure to reveal it now or later, but Im very sure you can make a guess!

3)Acara mengemas rumah akan bermula, since I've gave a month notice to my lovely landlady. We're going to move out to another bigger apartment, since we have to think about the future, more space will be needed! YaAllah mudahkanlah urusanku. Aaamin!