Saturday, February 26, 2011

big boy birthday

chocolate crispie ball for birthday boy afiq.
we love you!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

cushion and my softies book

eu2 for this lovely cushion!
dah lama tgk dkt amazon, was eu8 kot..
gembiranya sbb dah lama nak beli.
oh, one of my fav is mengumpul cushion.
kalau syg sgt, xadala nk tayang dkt ruang tamu, sanggup simpan dlm stor. hihi.
some of em dah pos blk malaysia pon.
lagi stahon baru boleh tayang.

im so excited to share about my another craft book collection.

Softies: Simple Instructions for 25 Plush Pals

by Theresa Laskey

im planning to make softies for my lil'one
but i seriousy need a sewing machine to make all my dreams come true!

xrajin nak review this book, but i love the patterns and the simple instruction for beginner like me!

happy mummy,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

sunday morning

oat porridge with banana and figs for sunday morning breakfast

enjoy my sunday morning with cooking,baking and laundry!
while mr.hubby went out for football.

ps/oat is my another pregnancy bestfriend
since i discover my cholestrols level is super high!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

introduction to my new place

yes,rumah saya atas kedai!
the 3rd n 4th windows from right tu rumah saya ok.

it's completely much..much..much better than our previous apartment.
lagi besar,lagi cantik..dan semuanya lagi2.
plus ada balcony..cabinet dapor super cantik+best,bedroom besar enuff for us n baby!
and ada stor and toilet sgt besar!

i dont have the complete photos of my house,
will update soon bila dah ready.

ps/poket kosong sbb rumah dkt Ikea and ohhh!!

my pregnancy bestfriends are..

neurogain for baby's brain development-pink capsules obimin-calciums


i have gained 10kg!


ps/cermin mata baru cantik x?
hubby kata mcm kucing..
haha..but just love it sbb sgt bosan asyik2 kena pilih shape 4segi..
plus love the brand..marc jacobs.
consider as my pregnancy gift.

not in a good mood, but when i was in Malaysia..

2nd day sampai teros pg penang attend conference,
so minggu pertama cuti dah habis utk aktiviti academic.
seriously penat sbb jetlag!

jln2 melaka
janda baik!

me n siblings
me and bff

me at pengkalan the tummy?

manage to make this for doyah's birthday

ok, as the title pon xde mood, so gambar2 adalah tidak mengikut kronologi.
im so excited to share about my new apartment in Dublin..maybe next posting.

ps/in my 3rd trimester..and i hate bedtime, so hard!
but the best part is, i cant wait to see my little one!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2months and im back

hi blog,

im back! i would love to share some stories from Malaysia and about my little one.
I'll do the quick update tonite!