Thursday, February 24, 2011

cushion and my softies book

eu2 for this lovely cushion!
dah lama tgk dkt amazon, was eu8 kot..
gembiranya sbb dah lama nak beli.
oh, one of my fav is mengumpul cushion.
kalau syg sgt, xadala nk tayang dkt ruang tamu, sanggup simpan dlm stor. hihi.
some of em dah pos blk malaysia pon.
lagi stahon baru boleh tayang.

im so excited to share about my another craft book collection.

Softies: Simple Instructions for 25 Plush Pals

by Theresa Laskey

im planning to make softies for my lil'one
but i seriousy need a sewing machine to make all my dreams come true!

xrajin nak review this book, but i love the patterns and the simple instruction for beginner like me!

happy mummy,

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Anonymous said...

like! hehe ~ fb style

i like mushy comfy things like dat n luv to make 'em by myself. really wish i'm able to make it in near future. Craft makes me happy!