Sunday, February 13, 2011

introduction to my new place

yes,rumah saya atas kedai!
the 3rd n 4th windows from right tu rumah saya ok.

it's completely much..much..much better than our previous apartment.
lagi besar,lagi cantik..dan semuanya lagi2.
plus ada balcony..cabinet dapor super cantik+best,bedroom besar enuff for us n baby!
and ada stor and toilet sgt besar!

i dont have the complete photos of my house,
will update soon bila dah ready.

ps/poket kosong sbb rumah dkt Ikea and ohhh!!


saya_arief said...

tapi cantik.

+d.O.Y.A.h+ said...

yepieee!! :)

Anonymous said...

smart! very convenient n neat place for starting a famly hu2 everything in 1 place.