Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hungry Caterpillar Baby Taggy

bought this from ebay
taggy blanket for my lil'one

if ada adult size, mommy nak 1!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


drawn with 'draw and share'application
i just love anything about 'owl'
as i said to adi
i hv changed--to be a wise person
wise as an owl

oh pitam
i was pitam masa attend my 3rd antenatal class
tetibaje rasa numb, gigil and blank!
nasib the midwife yg bg lecture tu cpt take action
adi pon xperasan emergency room
it took me ages to finish
bnyk sgt stepnya
tp Alhamdulillah,
everything is fine, mommy and baby
in perfect condition

jadi pitam sbb breakfast xcukop+penat xcukop tdo+pening naik bus nk pg hospital+the antenatal class room was tooo warm

so it just a perfect combination jadila pitam
nextime kwn2 dlm class antenatal mesti dah cam muka budak yg baru masok class antenatal 10min dah pitam

so the class will be rescheduled.

eh, the doctor bg 2days off.
thx doc!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

nak nangis

kenapa eh dah 2 hari mood sedih,
x ceria mcm selalu2
kalau xada baby ni mesti dah lama bt drama air mata
tp kena kuat
ksian baby mommy sedih

tp sendiri pon xtau kenapa perlu sedih.
rasa rendah diri
rasa bodoh
rasa useless

semua yg negatif2 belaka
sampai nak tido pon xboleh

saya tau nak mengadu pada siapa..


Friday, March 25, 2011

takut kamu pergi

Geisha - Takkan Pernah Ada

8 minggu

ya, lagi 8 minggu
dan insyaAllah kita akan bertemu
7 bulan lalu kita bersama
dan masih bersama hari ini

sayang kamu!

it's not only me, my other half can't wait to see
our precious as well

this'cute thing in my womb' just makes me love you MORE!

thx sebab:

1-jaga mkn minum saya
2-xpernah merungut bt kerja rumah
i realize, you're super rajin dr biasa.impressed!
3-rajin jd tukang urot saya even tgh2 mlm..bnyk pahala awk, insyaAllah
4-amik anta sy pergi school
5-ingatkan sy utk khatam Quran
'baby, im a proud mommy, ur daddy is the best man!'
6-tetap kata saya cantik and syg saya sgt2..even badan sy dah kembang mcm belon!
7-i hv no words to explain more about my love to u..syg sgt!

oh, touchy feeling..ada air mata jatoh lah!

let's counting the days!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

my apartment part 1

i made this butterfly mobile to hang on the ceiling next to my tv.
the origami butterfly made from yellowpages paper
and notice the 3 red love shape?
for daddy, mummy and our little one!

one of my fav section
close to our kitchen

our hallway from living room to the bedroom
we just love framessss
there's a lot more to come!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

little wise owl

my another weekend project.
mr.owl made from felt fabric
laid onto the frame.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Antenatal class

i had my 1st antenatal class today.
seronok sgt, as one of preparation before the new life begin..and to answer these common questions like

“Why is my baby crying?”
“When will the baby sleep through the night?”
“What will the birth be like?”
“What are my options during birth?”
“Is breast feeding best?”

looking forward to attend another session on nextweek!

Monday, March 7, 2011

weekend DIY project!

my 1st DIY project is this buttons alphabet craft.
I choose A since my nickname and hubby begin with A. and might as well for our little one.
we want to have an 'A family'

anyway, ada berlambak2 koleksi buttons tp simpan dlm botol and peram pon xguna.
so i came out with this great idea.
how to make this?

1-cut your fav letter
2-simply glue the the buttons on em!

finally i did my 1st tissue paper flower balls.
i went to ikea last week, and bought the pink napkins, which cost me only eu1 for 50sheets.
i hang them on the ceiling to separate my living room and kitchen.
click on allthingstrifty
and follow the tutorials.
super easy.
cute kan?

Inspired this flower wall art from umbra,
but original price wud cost me pound30 for 25 flowers,
so i did my own wallflowers exactly like those from umbra..
i cut papers, and shape them and stick on my bedroom's wall.
seriously, you shud make this sometime to give a new look on your wall.

if u dont like flowers, u might cut the papers to butterfly/bird/dragonfly shape
anything u like!

happy crafting readers!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

something colourful for anniversary

would be the best present for our 3rd anniversary
dah order dkt amazon td
oh xsbr nak hang dkt wall!

if u like this, pls google

Present Time PT Photo Family Time Frame Clock, Coloured

27weeks photoshoot