Tuesday, March 29, 2011


drawn with 'draw and share'application
i just love anything about 'owl'
as i said to adi
i hv changed--to be a wise person
wise as an owl

oh pitam
i was pitam masa attend my 3rd antenatal class
tetibaje rasa numb, gigil and blank!
nasib the midwife yg bg lecture tu cpt take action
adi pon xperasan

then..pg emergency room
it took me ages to finish
bnyk sgt stepnya
tp Alhamdulillah,
everything is fine, mommy and baby
in perfect condition

jadi pitam sbb breakfast xcukop+penat xcukop tdo+pening naik bus nk pg hospital+the antenatal class room was tooo warm

so it just a perfect combination jadila pitam
nextime kwn2 dlm class antenatal mesti dah cam muka budak yg baru masok class antenatal 10min dah pitam

so the class will be rescheduled.

eh, the doctor bg 2days off.
thx doc!


Yati Ali said...

take care aida...

dee said...

aida take care...banyakkan rehat...