Monday, March 7, 2011

weekend DIY project!

my 1st DIY project is this buttons alphabet craft.
I choose A since my nickname and hubby begin with A. and might as well for our little one.
we want to have an 'A family'

anyway, ada berlambak2 koleksi buttons tp simpan dlm botol and peram pon xguna.
so i came out with this great idea.
how to make this?

1-cut your fav letter
2-simply glue the the buttons on em!

finally i did my 1st tissue paper flower balls.
i went to ikea last week, and bought the pink napkins, which cost me only eu1 for 50sheets.
i hang them on the ceiling to separate my living room and kitchen.
click on allthingstrifty
and follow the tutorials.
super easy.
cute kan?

Inspired this flower wall art from umbra,
but original price wud cost me pound30 for 25 flowers,
so i did my own wallflowers exactly like those from umbra..
i cut papers, and shape them and stick on my bedroom's wall.
seriously, you shud make this sometime to give a new look on your wall.

if u dont like flowers, u might cut the papers to butterfly/bird/dragonfly shape
anything u like!

happy crafting readers!


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sukatengok..nak juga buat mcm ni tapi tak der masa...

CIKAIDA said...

tq girls!