Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The time has come to start the long journey!!

posted by ADI..

Tonight at 11.45pm, insyaAllah cikaida will depart to dublin through amsterdam(transit) to further her phD study on microbiology at the Dublin City University(DCU) Ireland. Let's pray for her safety and success in her study. Thank you for all the support from friends and family..

Here i posted some information on the flight route to dublin.

There are 3 way on how to go to dublin because it's not a one direct flight but it involve 2 flight..

1. (MAS)Kuala Lumpur- Amsterdam (13 hours) >> Transit 4 hours at Amsterdam >> (AER LINGUS)Amsterdam to Dublin (1.30 hours) OR
2. (MAS)Kuala Lumpur- Frankfurt (13 hours) >> Transit 5 hours at Frankfurt >> (AER LINGUS)Frankfurt to Dublin (1.00 hours) OR
3. (MAS)Kuala Lumpur- London(13 hours) >> Transit 4 hours at London >> (AER LINGUS)London to Dublin (1.30 hours)

p/s you can refer to malaysiaairlines and aerlingus.com for exact schedule
@ if you want to use other than MAS, you can try on KLM@ Royal Dutch Flight


Nurmala said...

take care ye..

kuIna Jentayutiara said...

take care...

CiK AiDa said...

sori aida bizy lately nie..
anyway,selamat berngkat..
jaga diri baik2 eh..
good luck..tak mo sedey2 tinggalkan family...kuatkan semangat ek...jgn lupa aida kat sini...take care tau..muaaaaaaaaaahhh!!

salam sayang,
aida nurshira

ciklisa said...

aida and adi,
thanks ya 4 inviting to ur majlis kesyukuran. sedap la lauk hehe.nak mkn byk tkt tergemuk lak.

regards from,
lisa and edi.

eedany said...

Jaga diri selalu cik aida.

All the best!