Monday, March 8, 2010

it's spring!!!

few photos captured on our way to the lab
yes, i hv to do some experiment on sunday as preparation for tomorrow

just love the sunny weather, well sunny doesnt mean you allowed to wear just shirt,oh sorry..
this is dublin babe..the wind still cold and killing you!
kesian hubby,ingatkan panas so he just wear his liverpool jersey and..
oh sejooook!!

anyhow,we did enjoy the weather and to see people at the park
plus,happy to see the flowers start bloming!!!

selamat datang spring!


aini said...

Cantiknya. bunga tulip kan?

jee yunus said...

cemburu dgn akak....:>....

CIKAIDA said...

k.aini>bukan tulip,xsure bunga apa..ada bnyk sgt kat park tu..

jee>cepat2 kawin!hihihi

kin hashim said...

bukan dulu ada basikal pink ker?hhihh.. mana basikal lagi 1?