Tuesday, October 26, 2010

im 25.

im 25 today, Alhamdulillah. Masih mampu bernafas and meneruskan perjuangan di Dublin.
Thanks to family, friends and especially hubby, for Doa and wishes. InsyaAllah, may all the dreams and wishes come true. Aamin.

It's not really a celebration today, since it's a weekday, plus i am not in a good health condition. I dont ask for cake/ special dinner. I just ask Adi to prepare a ikan masak kicap for my dinner. Alhamdulillah, sedap! thx hubby, i love you! and thx for the flowers, suka!

*the chef, flowers and the dinner.

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sapphire said...

Hye Aida..
Happy 25th birthday!!
hope happy happe selalu dengan encik adi.. hehe.. *comey jer pakai apron* :D

*mana beritanya...mcm entry lepas tu..?* ^_^