Friday, March 6, 2009

What a Man do during holiday

salam... today is friday.. i take an annual leave for 3 days just to relax n to finish my master project.. so holiday..!!is it nice to have a holiday ALONE?? wife going abroad.. so what gonna do during my precious holiday...
let me think..

first 2 days before.. i have some discussion and i do the simulation on my project.. and the results have come out.. so next, is ANALYZE.. but before that, since it is a holday.. sleepy mode is a normal mode, maybe i can say DEFAULT mode.. but today, thing become a bit abnormal..bcoz i have a lot of thing to be done.. let's the picture tell u the story.. a picture can tell a 1000 words story.. u can make ur own story if u're a good story maker..

1st, the first thing to do... THINK!! so i go outside my home to get some fresh air.. think of what i wanna do today..

next, PLAN.. here i use planner given from my brother to write what i wanna do today.. just like writing daily jurnal..
3rd.. TIMING.. the clock there is sponsored by cikaida, setup by encikadi before cikaida left to ireland.. so i use it to set the timing..

next, BODY MASSAGE.. no need for human to do massaging.. let the machine does.. OGAWA, please massage me for 15 minutes.. >>ask encikadi..OKAY BOZZ, PLEASE HAVE A SEAT.. JUST 15 MINUTES OK.. NO MORE OR LESS.. said OGAWA.. OKAY.. I replied
next.. GARDENING?? yeah.. to get a fresh air.. talk to the plant, hopefully they will pray for us too..

next.. JOGGING.. sweating is good to make u healthy.. dont miss it even for just 5 minutes/day

next.. updating blog.. and do some printing for the project..

at last... SLEEPP...tired already... haaaa????!??~??!?? sleep??? nononnnnono.....working... lied on the floor.. do the works.. u think how long can i survived... he2 chayok2... do the works.. then relax...

warning.. all the pics are LAKONAN SEMULA... but all the shown pics is a TRUE story.. Just SIDAI KAIN only not shown in pics above...


sukses holiday..!! cikaida must be proud of me..he2..

posted by encik adi


nURmALa mAZLan said...

ye ye...cikaida mmg akan sangat berbangga dengan kamu.. x melepak x tentu kehala..

adi said...


cikaida said...

im proud of u babe..

syg sgt..

hum..these pic..u look so cute..
i miss all the moment..

rindu lah!!!

adi said...

ayok.. windu..mestila..same la..windu jgk..sket j lagi..chayok2..