Sunday, September 11, 2011

Aisyah and her milestone

Assalamualaikum and hello!
Alhamdulillah,my baby Aisyah is developing well and reach her milestone perfectly.
At the age of 3 month on last 1st August, she can hold her head steady without my support, and can do a mini push up. very cute and most of the time she really enjoy her tummy time, at least she has another busy things to do instead of just stared at her mobile and giggle when she saw the little birdy,moomoo and bunny nonstop spinning. what a beautiful life you have Aisyah. oh not to forget to mention is,we love her beautifulsmile. what a great things about being a parent is to see your precious baby give you a real smile-means she recognize you!

ps-dont you think baby aisyah is adorable and gorgeous people?


msrh's said...

sangat adorable! ^_^

btw salam, hye kakak :)
saya sarah baru start belajar mikrobiology dekat upm. yr spirit boost up my energy level to be just like you. any tips untuk saya tak kakak? anyway, ada cara lain untuk contact akak lagi? thru email maybe? huhu maaf menganggu akak ya. i just need senior for helping me in this microbes field :") said...

geramnya tgk aisyah..bam..bam..bila tgk gambar aisyah di fb aunty rasa nak anak girl lagi lah..geram..comel .