Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cosatto Dizzi Daisi

Just to share with you all mommies out there, this supercute pushchair for your little one.

Hubby gave this as my 26th birthday present, by request actually.hehe. I am soooooo happy!
I love orla kiely design, and the daisy pattern on this pushchair almost alike the orla kiely pattern.

This pushchair is super light as well, not only the design that makes me fall in love with this Dizzi Daisi. Will upload the photo of me and aisyah soon!

check out this website for more interesting cute stuff for your baby from Cosatto

happy mommy,


sapphire said...

hye happy mummy,

aida pilih yg ni eh? :) cantik22..boleh guna lagi kalau dapat baby boy hehe :)

DazzliNG AiDa said...

hye nilam,
yes, at first nak beli yg pink, tp fikir2 balik if no.2 dpt boy, xkan nak beli lagi kan.

secret lover said...

salam k wan!

please2 please follow this blog. mau menang giveway dia. haha.