Friday, April 10, 2009

Here it comes...!! surprise..

as were told in previous post, the anniversary present.. dat one is just a gimik... now the real thing become a reality.. its just like a dream come true..

today, after encikadi come back from UIA pj, encikadi singgah kt mid valley to buy some important thing dat owez passed by in mind.. to buy a notebook.. for whom?? my wife.. cikaida.. wahh..really sweet haa.. so without any further delay.. encik adi go straight to the Dell Store at mid level 2.. after doing some survey..(as wishes by my luv cikaida, she wanted to have a pink laptop).. maybe thing doesn't come put as per planned.. the pink laptop is sold out already.. last week. there is ONE.. i'm really sowi..bcoz lask wik i'm really bz preparing my project for viva..

BUT, there is an altenative color.. after having discussion thru fon.. dublin-kl for about 45 minutes, we decided to replace pink wif red.. so i'm really hepi dat my wife is a very tolerated person..thanx honey..

so, apa lagi..time to purchase dat... lets the picture tell the story..

masa mula2 masuk kedai dell..dengan confident nye masuk sebab yakin kali ini akan pulang membawa sebijik laptop Dell..semangat2..

this is the display laptop.. a lot of which one is the best..using all the knowledge dat i hav.. i choose one dat suit the min requirement n our budget.. so here it studio 14..
3 gb ram, core 2 duo 2ghz.. lain macam biase la..

dat the resit..if u can read dat, then u'll know the price..if not. just guess ok..

mission accomplish.. now this dell studio 14 is yours, my honey bunny cikaida.. congrate.. the official event for this will be held in dublin just wait.. congratz again.. hepi to find sumtin nice for u dear.. luv ya..


aizamia said...

it's really sweet~
hehe.cik Aida is soooo lucky! :)

IxoRa said...

so sweet looorrrr :)

cikaida said...

thx dearie..suami tercinta..
always shine up my day..n my life..

like it so much!

R.E.D is L.O.V.E
P.I.N.K is M.E


ps/my hubby mmg sweet sentiasa..
pls come!

doyah said...

besnya kaler merah,,
cmne ngn intnet kt umah?

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

cik adi...utk cik aida jer ke...kakak reramai kat cfs takde apa2 ke sebelum ke dublin..hahah..anyway bestla hadiah laptop..kan ku heret lakiku ke kedai komputer...bila anniversary kami nanti ..hahah