Friday, April 17, 2009

i miss this hair long time ago - encikadi..

posted by adi..

i really miss my hair about 5 years ago.. now i'm moving towards for it.. bcoz da keje kene la rambut pendek kan.. here i put some pics back in 2004 when i hav a trip to singapore during my time in UTM skudai for engineering study...

these are my pics in singapore..

pisc masa tgk muvi dlm sit yg blh bergerak.. wat they call ha. dont remember la.. dis is my favourite hair..

gmbr turun eskalator masa turun train .. bawak kain lap lg tu.. yela bcoz 1 whole day trip..penat woo.. another view of my hair..

posin2 sket.. hair from side-view..

ni kat jambatan ape ntah.. hair in front view..

now, 2009 i'm trying to create dis type of hair again,..

almost.. but not done yet again.

posin in eskalator again,.. xberubah perangai 5 tahun dulu..ahak2 klaka la plak..

xlama lg iAllah, i'll get back my faveret hair..


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